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Hall-Irwin Construction Hall-Irwin Construction is a full service construction management firm specializing in building residential and commercial projects just as solidly as we build our long-standing relationships. We develop relationships with our clients and assist them with their needs in every aspect of their project, from land planning through construction acceptance. Our sole mission is to serve as a total one-stop construction service provider. 

Constructing a project requires more than just a vision of what the project can become.  You need the expertise to make that vision a reality.  The Hall-Irwin Construction Group has 50 years of expertise in all facets of turning concepts into completed projects.  

Seemlessly, Hall-Irwin can handle all your construction needs. Everything from moving that first pile of dirt to a finished the product.

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Land Development
  • Parks and Athletic Fields
  • Remodels/Renovations/Additions
  • Schools and Universities
  • Water Storage/Slurry Walls

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