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Milliken Athletic Complex Breaking Ground

The official ground breaking began on June 1st, 2015. The Milliken Athletic Complex AKA...“The MAC” is a 23,000 SF athletic facility in Milliken. When construction is complete in June 2016, the building will have two full sized basketball courts, one classroom, seven offices, a weight room, community room, and concessions area. Plus, there are going to be two full sized outdoor soccer fields.

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Bluff Lakes Slurry Wall

Bluff Lake was created in 1884 for the purpose of storing water for the local region, and creating a natural preserve. Over the years, its north side dam has begun to leak, resulting in inconsistent water levels and drainage. Hall-Irwin has been hired to build a slurry wall (cutoff wall) around the lake, slowing the leakage by constructing soil/bentonite liner around the lake all the way to bedrock. This will create a sealed environment and allow for a more consistent lake experience for visitors. Construction began in May and will finish in October 2016. This project is funded by several different contributors, including the State of Colorado, Central Colorado Water Conservation District, and the Gates Family Foundation.