Gerald Gentleman Station Administration Addition & Renovation

Project Location: Sutherland, Nebraska

Project Description:

This project was constructing a 20,000 SF addition & renovation to the administration building at Nebraska Power Plant. The addition was a single story structural block building with a metal/steel truss roof structure. The building achieved LEED certification with environmentally friendly features such as: geothermal heating and cooling system, reflective roof, and building materials made from recycled materials. In addition, all disturbed areas were planted with native buffalo grass and the parking area was constructed using recycled materials (fly ash and crushed concrete from the power plant).

One of the challenges Hall-Irwin's construction team conquered was constructing while the building was fully operational. To accomplish this, Hall-Irwin completed the project in two phases and took extra precautions to make sure all mechanical and electrical systems were fully operational at all times and eliminated interruptions from construction noise, dust, and work progress.