Arista Parcel T

Project Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Project Description:

This was a land development project for a repeat client Hall-Irwin has been building subdivision homes for over 10 years. Arista Parcel T project was a multifamily subdivision comprised of 62 units with "paired homes" or duplexes that share one wall. The project is situated on a 6 acre site. As part of the overall land development scope of work, Hall-Irwin project team was responsible for over excavation and water injecting the existing soils to moisture condition them to reduce the expansive nature of the soil. Additionally, we installed all of the onsite wet and dry utilities; concrete connections to Arista’s infrastructure and private alleys as well as curb/gutter and sidewalk. Our team also constructed some offsite improvements including two public roadways (Sheps Way and Redpoint Way) and added streetscaping to complete the project.