Bear Creek Meadows

Project Location: Jefferson County, Colorado

Project Description:

This residential land development project is located near the intersection of South Eldridge Street and West Marlowe Avenue in Jefferson County. With 129 lots, this project was completed in 3 phases. The project scope included overlot grading, sub excavation, utilities, curb, gutters, asphalt, and a concrete trail. We also successfully worked with Urban Drainage in the wetland area to construct new drainage dikes to ease erosion.

One of our biggest challenges on this project was the soil conditions, which were wet and had high sulfate levels. To resolve this, we conducted extensive earthwork excavation and dewatering and installed interceptor drains in the sub-excavation. We also used a lime and cement chemical process for the streets in order to mitigate the soils with high sulfates and bring up the strength coefficiency to Jefferson County’s high standards. By stabilizing the sub grade, the required asphalt depth was reduced, for instance, 9” asphalt was reduced to 5” and roads that were at 7.5” and were reduced to 4”. These resulted in overall cost savings for the owner.