Centennial Master Plan

Project Location: Milliken, Colorado

Project Description:

Hall-Irwin completed this project as a general contractor for off-site infrastructure upgrades in Milliken, Colorado. These upgrades included sanitary sewer, potable water mains, storm drainage system, curb, gutter & sidewalks, roadway widening and paving, and irrigation and landscaping for residential and commercial development. The 2 ½ miles of roadway improvements included Hwy 60 between WCR 23 & WCR 25, WCR 23 between Hwy 60 & WCR 46, and WCR 46 between Marjorie Avenue and WCR 23. Hall-Irwin constructed sanitary sewer, potable water mains, storm drainage, asphalt, irrigation & landscaping with our own crews and equipment. We also provided management services for design, engineering, survey and staking, material testing, rough grading, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and striping. This project is part of the 2,200 acre Centennial Master Plan.