Sienna Park Phase 1

Location: Longmont, Colorado

Project Description:

This project included 12 lots in phase 1A and 33 lots in phase 1B.  The site was partially developed before our client purchased the property. One of the challenges Hall-Irwin had was locating existing pipework without the proper as-built documents because the previous engineering firm was no longer in business. Hall-Irwin’s expert project team remedied this situation by exploring the pipe system using cameras and appropriate mapping. In addition to locating the existing pipe, Hall-Irwin also had to retest it and dig up areas that needed repair in the end. Hall-Irwin’s project team successfully located and repaired all of the existing pipe, utilities, and prepared the site for the new design.  The client was able to build homes in phase 1A while Hall-Irwin built the infrastructure for 1B.