Geisert Pump Station

Project Location: Greeley, Colorado

Project Description:

Hall-Irwin broke ground on the Geisert Pump Station project. This is the same water storage vessel that Hall-Irwin built a soil-bentonite cutoff wall (slurry wall) around two years earlier and now we have been hired to construct a pump station to complete the water storage facility. The Geisert Pump Station facility consists of building an underground pump station to control the incoming and outgoing volume of water between the reservoir and the Poudre River.

To complete the project our team will construct a pump station structure which is an underground concrete cost-in place wet well that will be 50 FT deep. The pump station encompasses two vertical turbine pumps with 60 horsepower motors and 50 vertical foot turbines designed to pump up to 40 cubic feet per minute. We will also build a diversion structure off the Poudre River, install 1100 LF of 36-inch ductile iron pipe from the Poudre River to the pump station, and an interconnect pipe allowing two separate cells to work as one. When complete, the reservoir will hold approximately 11,000 acre feet of water while the pump station controls the flow of water from one destination to the next.