Windsor Lake

Project Location: Windsor, Colorado

Project Description:

Hall-Irwin was the General Contractor for increasing a 600-800 AF water storage facility to a 3,200 AF water storage facility.  Working with both private developer, Cache La Poudre Ditch Company, and the Town of Windsor, this project included increasing a shallow lake (depth of 4 FT) that had been silted in and removed silt, overburden and gravel to a depth of approximately 30 FT to increase water storage.  To achieve this required dewatering the existing lake, digging the silt overburden and gravel down to basic bedrock elevation, and utilizing the bedrock to build a clay liner that passed the State of CO Engineering water storage certification for water storage vessels. The gravel materials were utilized by a local aggregate company and the overburden was utilized at an adjacent residential development site to raise the elevation of the site for a private developer. The work started in December and completed by April to ensure the lake could be filled with spring runoff.  Therefore, Hall-Irwin's construction team moved over one million yards of material in a five month window and was under operation 24 hours a day. At the end of the project, the client had an equalized water vessel that utilizes the reservoir and the adjacent ditches with less than a 4 FT variation in water elevation at any one time.

Other construction details included taking extra care not to impact the existing dam structure and utilizing materials for a seven acre park for the Town of Windsor. Also, after the lake was reconstructed, this created a quality suitable environment for game fish habitat along with other recreational amenities. This project required working with several municipalities including the Town of Windsor, the Cache La Poudre Ditch Company, Colorado Department of Wildlife, and the State of Colorado Engineering Department to assure the overall success of the project.