Knowledge Quest Academy

Project Location: Milliken, Colorado

Project Description:

This new 40,000 square foot K-8 Primary School for 400 students was built on a 15.3 acre site. Knowledge Quest Academy’s growing enrollment required a new facility. Funded through bond sales, the project’s budget was static. The Team took control of the entire project schedule. Beyond the design and construction of the school, we evaluated the land transaction, re-platted the project, and coordinated the entitlement process. The finished school utilizes environmentally conscious and sustainable building principles. The building is laid out on the site to provide daylight to each classroom. Administration, Media Center, and Computer Lab areas are the central ‘anchor’ of the school with the academic ‘wings’ on either side, one for lower grades and one for the upper grades. The Gym and Cafeteria/Flex Room have direct access to the play grounds.