Bernhardt Gravel Pit Water Storage Vessels

Project Location: Milliken, Colorado

Project Description:

The Bernhardt Gravel Pit Water Storage project is a design-build water storage project that was comprised of four separate soil-cement cutoff wall (also referred to as a slurry wall) lined gravel pits. The water storage volumes for these four cells are as follows: Reservoir No. 2 has 1027 acre feet, Reservoir No. 3 has 298 acre feet, Reservoir No. 4 has 218 acre feet, and Reservoir No. 5 has 640 acre feet for a combined total of approximately 200 acre feet of water storage. Reservoir No's. 2, 4, and 5 were all lined continuously, while Reservoir No. 3 was completed at a later date. All cells have passed the State of Colorado Engineers Certified Leak Test.

When fully mined out, this water storage project is designed to interconnect cells 2, 3, and 4. The remaining cells will be fed from check down structures off irrigation ditches with discharge back into the Big Thompson River Basin.