Geisert Gravel Pit Slurry Wall

Project Location: Greeley, Colorado

Project Description:

Geisert Gravel pit was partially mined by Weld County who was losing money because the pit was filling up with water which meant they were constantly spending time and money dewatering. So, to avoid the cost of augmentation and continual dewatering, Weld County decided to construct a soil-bentonite cutoff wall (slurry wall) around the two mining pits. Hall-Irwin was selected to lead the design-build team to construct a cutoff wall that is approximately 7200 LF long with an average depth of 68 feet. This is one of the deepest walls in Colorado with the greatest depth reaching 76.5 feet to the bottom of the key. To dig to this great depth, we used a Komatsu 1250 with a custom fabricated stick that was 60 feet long.