Owens-Illinois Bottling Plant Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

Project Location: Windsor, Colorado

Project Description:

This project was not the traditional water storage cement-bentonite cutoff wall (slurry wall) Hall-Irwin is known for. The Owner came to Hall-Irwin asking us to help resolve their building problem. O-I’s issue was that the groundwater table around their potential building site was too high. They were concerned about water entering their future basement where they were planning keep their boilers which power their entire plant.

Hall-Irwin recommended constructing a cement-bentonite soil cutoff wall to keep the groundwater out of their site and at the same time provide a structural cutoff wall for various surface concerns that they had. Hall-Irwin then was hired to construct a design-build cement-bentonite cutoff wall around the basement area which was 2,500 LF with a maximum depth of 45 FT. After we constructed this cutoff wall, they successfully constructed their building and have not had any water issues.