The Shores Slurry Wall

Project Location: Firestone, Colorado

Project Description:

This was a design-build water storage project with five separate gravel pits: Shores Ponds A, B, C, D & E. Ponds B, C, and D have individual soil-bentonite cutoff walls (slurry walls) constructed around each gravel pit, all of which have passed the State of Colorado Certified Leak Test. Pond A has a combination of a clay liner and a cutoff wall that ties into the clay liner. This wall has also passed the State of Colorado Certified Leak Test.

After mining is complete on Pond E, Hall-Irwin will construct a clay liner utilizing the bottom shale, after which this reservoir will also go through the State of Colorado Certified Leak Test. 

The four ponds (A,B,C,& D) work in conjunction with each other through a series of interconnects, inlet structures (to divert water via two separate irrigation canals), and a pump station in Pond A. All of this allows for the largest amount of water conveyance both in and out of the reservoirs. The cut-off walls that surround these four below-grade reservoirs total 23,150 LF. The soil-bentonite cutoff wall backfill was keyed into bedrock with a maximum depth of 32 FT creating approximately 4,500 acre feet of water storage.