Treiber Lake Slurry Wall

Project Location: Laporte, Colorado

Project Description:

Previously Treiber was a mined gravel site, varying in depths up to 32 FT to bedrock along the Cache LaPoudre Riverbed formation. The work consisted of 5,495 LF of slurry wall with approximate depth to bottom of bedrock of 27 FT which included a 3 FT average key into bedrock. This project proposed several challenges some of which included tight narrow working conditions and working around a high-voltage overhead powerline that crosses twice over a site as well as coordinating with Century Link to work around a 1,000 pair phone line parallel to the soil-bentonite cutoff wall (slurry wall).

At the end of the project, the client was pleased with our construction process and quality on a difficult site plus we completed the project on time and under budget.